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Car Rentals for Businesses

With over 30 years of experience, United Rent A Car has become a strategic partner of some of the most prestigious local and multinational businesses, in such diverse areas as mining, telecommunications, media, retail, services, tourism, among many others. Your company can take advantage of our short, medium and long-term rental plans or operational leasing.

At United our first-rate infrastructure allows us to maintain our fleet in optimum condition, while offering our customers personalized service tailored to their special needs.

A corporate account for short or medium-term car rentals is easy to open, and offers a number of benefits:
· Special corporate rates
· Charge account with 30 days to pay
· Free delivery and pick-up to and from your office

Contact us at [email protected] to have one of our account executives get in touch with you.

Operational Leasing

Operational leasing is for long-term rentals of from one to three years. This business model responds to the global tendency towards outsourcing and offers important benefits:

Forget about fleet operations: we will take care of maintaining your vehicles in operation every day of the year. The operational lease agreement includes all routine maintenance, insurance, replacement vehicles in case of accident or repair, taxes and fees.

Financial benefits:
Dedicate your resources to your business:
operational leasing will free you from having to immobilize financial and human resources in unproductive assets.
Improve your financial ratios of liquidity and debt: operational leasing is a way to finance that is off-balance sheet.
Simplify project evaluation: operational leasing will permit you to know up-front all the costs related to fleet operations, avoiding surprises due to unforeseen events or fluctuating market conditions.
Tax benefits: operational lease payments are 100% tax-deductible as a business expense.
Vehicles to suit your needs: operational leasing will allow your company to opt for brand-new vehicles with the exact specifications desired:
· Type of vehicle: automobiles, vans, pickup trucks 4×2 or 4×4, trucks, etc.
· Type of fuel: gasoline or diesel
· Choice of color
· Equipment and accessories: airbags, ABS, air conditioning, central locking, etc.
· Special equipment: mining equipment, GPS tracking, logo or corporate colors, or just
about any accessory required.

Contact us at [email protected] to have an account executive contact you and create a solution according to your requirements.


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